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Sushi In Tokyo “TOKYO REMIX”
Remixed by “フレンズ”

Remix Single: 2021.4.02 Release

Song Contents
01. Sushi In Tokyo “TOKYO REMIX”

Titile:All My Friends

EP: 2020.9.25 Release

Song Contents
01. The Sax Man (Intro)
02. Sushi In Tokyo
03. Why You Gotta Be So Nice
04. All My Friends
05. Intermission
06. When I’m Your Girl
07. Half Past Sober
08. More To Give Interlude
09. More To Give

Titile:All My Friends

Single: 2020.8.28 Release

Song Contents
01.All My Friends
02.Sushi In Tokyo (Stripped Back)

Sushi in Tokyo

Titile:Sushi in Tokyo

Single: 2020.7.31 Release

和訳, Japanese Translation

Song Contents
01.Sushi In Tokyo



DVNA <ダーナ>


短いキャリアの中で既に350万以上ものストリーミングを記録。「Girl On The Move」が2019 Gold Coast Music Awards / SONG OF THE YEARに ノミネートされる。そして2020 Gold Coast Music Awardsでは、「 Looking Like A Snack」がSONG OF THE YEARを受賞した。
オーストラリアの大型野外フェスLaneway Festivalにも出演。オーストラリアで今後の活躍から目が離せないアーティストの一人となっている。

DVNA (pron. Da-na), a colourful, bold and intriguing project born within the depths of a Gold Coast bedroom in early 2017. Taking control of her own production, it allows her the artistic freedom to truly express herself, creating a warm fusion between new age soul and electronica, referencing Anderson .Paak and Syd.

Her sound is fierce, emotive and heads straight for your feels, fusing elements of soul and modern day electronica to create her own unique blend. She likes to write relevant, borderline humorous lyrics exposing her very real conversations with friends, as well as revealing a more personal insight about her own past.

DVNA has been turning heads all around the country with her smooth and sultry vocals. Her short career has already racked up an impressive resume including 3.2M Spotify streams, a nomination for Song Of The Year at the Gold Coast Music Awards (Girl On The Move), supported the likes of LEISURE, Alice Ivy, Kira Puru, Arno Faraji and performed at various music festivals including Laneway Festival, The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Bleach Festival and Arcadia. She was named triple j Unearthed Feature Artist in January 2020 and showcased at BIGSOUND 2019 where she was one of the most talked about artists of the whole festival.